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We create successful products for a more sustainable future

We have been rethinking beverage packaging. Our packaging focuses on reducing the environmental impact of the beverage packing industry. NWB's packaging solutions are user-friendly, but also affordable and efficient for producers and retailers. Functionality is a key issue for our packaging: packaging must be easy to use, without compromising on ecology and reducing the amount of plastic.


We supply production lines for the beverage industry

NWB supplies the machinery for the packaging lines in cooperation with Koneikko Oy, which we own. The lines are customized according to the customer's needs; by building from scratch or modifying existing machinery.

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NWB water brand is Joi!

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NWB started a new partnership in the Arabic countries

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NWB hires a new Sales and Marketing Assistant

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New NWB agency agreement for Swiss and Italian markets!

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Our innovative product family

NWB Bevel beverage package
NWB Bevel beverage package

NWB Bevel

NWB Bevel is the most environmentally friendly package for beverages. It is recyclable, user-friendly and logistically efficient. NWB packaging has a unique design and shape.


The NWB Combi PET is an environmentally friendly alternative to a standard PET bottle. NWB Combi PET contains less plastic compared to other beverage bottles on the market. The label around the bottle has plenty of room to implement your brands visuals.

We aim to make a difference.

NWB Solutions

NWB Solutions

Our experienced team assists customers in all matters related to the construction of production lines. Our team members have decades of experience in various areas of the beverage industry, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions from beverage packaging to the necessary machinery - tailored to the customer's needs.

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Innovations for a Sustainable Future

We believe that our innovations will help to change the packaging industry to be able to save our nature. Our patented packaging solutions are saving plastics in beverage packages and targets many problematic areas in logistics, usage and recycling.